• Garden Jokes and Riddles
    One of the things you really need to have as a gardener is a sense of humor, given that you are at the mercy of the weather, hungry animals, and very active children. So you need to take time out to laugh. Here are a collection of our favorites. Some we made up while thinking about gardening, while a number come from www.lifelab.org (and you really need to visit their page!) They in turn refer to Ready, Set, Grow! A Kid's Guide to Gardening by Rebecca Spohn and from https://voices.yahoo.com/original-family-friendly-jokes-vegetable-81601.html   Enjoy!
    • What is an ice skaters favorite vegetable? Spin-ach!
    • What was the tomato blushing? Because is saw the salad dressing..
    • What is a chicken's favorite vegetable? Eggplant!
    • What's the absolute coolest vegetable in the garden? The rad-ish!
    • What does the gardener say when the children arrive at the garden? Peas come in!
    • What do you get when you cross Popeye's favorite vegetable with a cactus? Spin-ouch!
    • What do all of the vegetables in the garden wish for most? Peas on Earth!
    • Why do earthworms always seem to be frightened? They have no backbone..
    • What kind of vegetable likes to go look at animals? A Zoo-chini!
    • Why can you never keep a secret in the garden? Because the corn has ears!
    • How can you tell that the cabbage is the smartest vegetable? It is always at the head of the class!
    • What is a kayaker's favorite type of lettuce? Row-maine!
    • What vegetables will bite you if you aren't careful? The pars-nips!
    • What is a pirate's favorite vegetable? Chaarrrd!
    • What vegetable should you not carry in a bucket? Leeks!
    • What herb do people always wish they had more of? Thyme!
    What is YOUR favorite garden joke?
Last Modified on February 22, 2014