• These games were created in Advanced Computer Engineering Graphics, using Unity3D. They were programmed in C# and Java Script.  I had the class work as a group to create a scrolling, portrait style, top down game.  It looks 2D, but is actually a full 3D environment.  Models came from 3D Studio. Textures were done in Photoshop.  Each student had the ability to edit and create his or her scripts to make the game unique. These are some examples from class.
    Jake created a throwback to the 2D game, Asteroids.  Our class game was a top down scroller set up in a portrait layout, with the player moving forward, backward, and side to side. Asteroids were the obstacle for the player to destroy.  Jake added enemies that fire at the "Player" and can move the "Player" 360 degrees.  In this version, there are also ability levels (Easy, Medium, and Hard).
    Check back soon for other student examples.  Also, be sure to check the Lerpz Escapes link , back on my previous page.

Last Modified on February 27, 2014