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    LifeLink PSU - Testimonials


    "I decided to get involved with LifeLink PSU after being a Special Olympics Coach for basketball and soccer in high school and it was the best decision I made since coming to Penn State. I spend five days a week here, helping different students in the morning and afternoon on homework. It's great being able to see how much they grow throughout the school year. There's nothing better than these guys!" - Sam Webb, former PSU mentor

    "I come to LifeLink PSU three times a week to help the students with their homework and take class quizzes together. It's great being able to work through the questions with them, see their thought process, and in the end the answer is always their own. We want them to be as independent as possible and they really are. They're always the ones keeping me on track, letting me know when it's time to go or move onto the next activity." 
- Vicky Brauer, former PSU mentor

    "I got involved with LifeLink PSU through the Volunteers in Public Schools program. Originally I worked as a tutor at a couple other locations but LifeLink PSU has been my favorite opportunity so far. I'm really interested in rehab occupation so this is great experience for me. I love when you're working with the students and you have those breakthrough moments when they understand a new concept and are like,'Wait, that was fun!' Those days are the best!"
 - Briana Hauser, former PSU mentor


    "Through LifeLink PSU I work Monday-Friday 7-11 a.m. in Waring Commons on campus. I also get to take Ballroom Dance class but my favorite is Horticulture. I like LifeLink because of the freedom I have here- I can wear my hat indoors." 
- Adam Garis, former LifeLink PSU student

    "I like LifeLink PSU better than going to the high school every day. The best part was riding in the Penn State Homecoming parade - I was a celebrity." - Riley Dove, former LifeLink PSU student   
"At LifeLink PSU I take Sign Language, Hip-Hop, Biobehavioral Health, and Women's Studies classes. My classes are good except the ones that start at 9:05 a.m. It's so easy to be late but my mentor and I always make it on time." 
- Abby Johnson, former LifeLink PSU student 

Last Modified on March 17, 2017