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    LifeLink PSU- Student Life
    The State College Area School District high school participants are accompanied to appropriate classes, lunch, club meetings, and a variety of social functions by Penn State student volunteer mentors . Other activities include holding jobs on campus, using recreation and athletic facilities, and attending athletic events.

    Students entering LifeLink PSU have already attended high school for four years and continue to be SCASD students. High school students in special education are eligible for public education until the age of 21. Typically, students who remain in high school until age 21 will have attended for a total of seven years, almost twice as long as students in the general education population. By continuing their high school education in a university setting, LifeLink PSU students experience enhanced educational and social opportunities.

    “This could mean being in high school for seven years with students who are much younger. LifeLink PSU offers students an opportunity to interact with age-appropriate peers right here on campus.” - David Monk, Dean of the College of Education
     “LifeLink PSU is a mutually beneficial program for both the SCASD students and the student athletes. It is a wonderful opportunity for the SCASD students to experience the college environment so that, if they someday choose to attend a university or college, they will have a good idea what to expect."
  - Sandy Meyer, Penn State Coordinator of Student Athletic Programs (retired)
    “One of the unique aspects of this program is that our students are actually attending carefully selected Penn State classes.” - Dr. Sharon Salter, SCASD’s Director of Special Education
    “The Penn State faculty have been welcoming our students as guests in their classrooms. This is an exciting opportunity and collaboration.” - Patrick Moore, Former SCASD Director of Special Education

Last Modified on March 17, 2017