LLPSU Volunteers
    LifeLink PSU - Volunteers
    The Penn State University’s students, in serving as mentors, likewise benefit from the program. Participating in LifeLink PSU provides PSU students the opportunity to learn more about disabilities by actually interacting with people with disabilities in a variety of contexts.

    Their hours with LifeLink PSU count toward University program requirements for volunteering with special populations. Rehabilitation Services majors have courses such as RHS 100 (Introduction to Disability Culture) or RHS 300 (Introduction to Rehabilitation and Human Services) which have volunteer components.

    LifeLink PSU continues to seek not only college students, but faculty and staff as well, to volunteer and serve as mentors. A volunteer can spend as much or as little time as is available in their schedule.There are many ways to be involved with a LifeLink PSU student besides accompanying the student to a Penn State class, such as playing video games or pool, tutoring, or going swimming, ice skating, or weight lifting.

Last Modified on September 18, 2016