• Kindergarten Curriculum
         Our kindergarten program supports children as they grow socially, behaviorally, and academically. Spending time on social development is a very important component of our kindergarten program as it is the foundation for behavioral and academic learning.  To learn more about our academic curriculum, click on this link to our K-5 curriculum page.  For our elementary brochure, please click here. 
    Social Development 
    •      Shows curiosity and an eagerness to try new things.
    •      Participates in activities.
    •      Participates cooperatively in the classroom community.
    •      Plays cooperatively.
    •      Accepts responsibility for own actions.
    •      Solves problems appropriately.
    •      Expresses himself/herself appropriately.
    •      Shows self-control.
    •      Shows confidence.
    Respectful Citizen Behaviors
    • Shows consideration and respect.
    • Follows school expectations.
    • Demonstrates self control. 
    • Demonstrates positive attitude.
    Respectful Learner Behaviors
    • Demonstrates self management problem solving skills.
    • Works cooperatively in groups of various sizes.
    • Demonstrates active participation.
    • Follows directions.
    • Demonstrates active listening.
    • Organizes time, task, and materials.
    • Seeks help when appropriate.
    • Completes work.
    • Demonstrates perseverance. 





Last Modified on February 12, 2019