• Library Services for Homeschoolers in the State College Area School District

    Homeschoolers are welcome to use the State College Area School District Libraries. Below are guidelines for use of the library by homeschoolers and their families.

    1. Number of books permitted to be checked out
    Please check with the librarian of your school for this number.

    2.  May parents of homeschoolers borrow books?
    Yes, parents may sign out books that are available to the student population. Parents are to follow the same guidelines as their students in the quantity of books they may borrow.

    3.  Reserving or holding materials for home-schooled children.
    This can be done.  Please check with the librarian of your school.

    4.  Scheduling library time for homeschoolers and their families.
    Please check with the librarian of your school to schedule a time that will not interfere with classes.  In elementary libraries, parents are asked to stay with their children for the entire library visit. In middle and high school, students can visit the library without their parents as long as the library visit has been scheduled.

    5. Younger siblings accompanying the student in the library.

    At the elementary level, the parent should accompany his/her homeschooler to the library; therefore, a younger preschool aged sibling would be permitted to come to the library but not check out any books. At the middle and high schools, no siblings should be in the library without a parent.  The parent must supervise all younger siblings at the library.

Last Modified on November 12, 2014