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    Welcome to Kindergarten!  The teachers in Room 19 are thrilled about what is going to take place during our literacy time!

    This summer I spent a great deal of time discovering what research says most benefits children as successful readers, writers and lifelong learners.  As a result, the way we structure our literacy lessons will be different from the traditional structure we had when we were young students.

    Your child is likely to talk about a favorite subject in our kindergarten class, Reading Workshop!  Reading workshop is a way of structuring our reading and writing instruction so every student is engaged in valuable literacy activities.  Students will receive comprehensive whole group instruction followed by time to practice reading and writing skills on their own.  As students gain independence, Mrs. Sevick and I will provide focused instruction to individuals and small groups of students.


    During the months of September and October the children will work hard to build stamina in the following areas:

    Read to Self 
    Read to Someone 
    Work on Writing
    Listen to Reading
    Word Work

    Much like exercising our bodies, students cannot be expected to read and write independently for fifteen to twenty minutes right away.  We will begin with just two or three minutes a day and build up from there.  I will chart the children’s progress and they will be excited to watch their stamina grow! 

    Once children build the necessary stamina, they will choose which of the five activities they would like to do.  Providing choice is highly motivational and puts students in charge of their learning.  Additionally, students will be immersed in rich and motivating literature rather than completing worksheets and other less meaningful activities.  

    How can you help and get involved with Reading Workshop?
    *Please think of our classroom when you clean out your bookshelves, visit yard sales or see a good sale.  A classroom can never have too many interesting books!
    *I will share more about Reading Workshop during our Back-to-School night on September 10.  I welcome any questions you may have.
    *Ask your child questions about what we are doing during Reading Workshop.  My weekly newsletter will be a helpful tool to guide your discussion with your child. 

    I look forward to seeing you on August 20 at our Back-to-School night!

    Lisa L. Harrington

Last Modified on August 7, 2020