• ROAR Ticket  
    ROAR positive referrals are designed to daily recognize and reinforce expected positive school-wide behaviors related to responsibility, organization, attitude, and respect.  At PFMS, students receive ROAR Tickets (see above).  Staff members are encouraged to give out at least one ticket a day.  When a student receives a ticket, he/she takes a portion of the ticket home to show his/her parent/guardian and puts the other portion in their desired reward bin.  There will be weekly drawings for smaller prizes and the possibility of drawings for larger prizes monthly, quarterly, at the end of each semester, and at the end of the school year. New to the 2022/2023 school year, tickets can also be used at the ROAR store, located off of the commons.
    Why an acknowledgment system?
    1. Increase the likelihood that a desired behavior will be repeated.
    2. Focus staff and student attention on desired behavior.
    3. Foster a positive climate.
    4. Reduce the need for engaging in time-consuming disciplinary procedures.   
Last Modified on June 6, 2023