Volunteering for the EP PTO

Our PTO works as well as it does because we have so many wonderful and dedicated parents that get involved. Depending on what you feel you can dedicate in time, there is something within our committees and events each year that works for any parent that would like to contribute to helping the PTO succeed.
Activity How Many Volunteers are Typically Needed
Art & Literature Fair 4-6 people for aproximately 3 hours the night before, and 3 hours the evening of the event.
Barnes & Noble Book Fair 5-10 people divided among shifts of about 1- 1.5 hours.
Field Day 50-60 people divided among 2 shifts (AM and PM) for 4 hours.
Fifth Grade Recognition 2-3 people to organize the event, 5-6 more as chaperones during the event.
Helping Hands 2 people to organize with teachers, 3-4 more to work at the Bake Sale during the event.
Hospitality 1 person to organize, 2-3 more to help during events.
Internation Family Fun Night 1-2 people to organize, 4-5 more to help during the event.
Newsletter 1 person to organize newsletter content into a published format.
Read-A-Thon 1 person to organize the event, 2-3 people to help disburse prizes to students.
Restaurant Nights 1-2 people to organize each event and disemenate information about each one as it comes up.
Scholastic Book Fair 1-2 people to organize the event, 10-20 people to help during 2 hour shifts during the week.
Science & Technology Fair 1-2 people to organize the event, 4-5 more the help during the event.

Yearly Events

Last Modified on February 9, 2020