• Interested in taking a Penn State Class?
    If you are interested in taking a Penn State class as a non-degree student, please come to (E128) to speak to Mrs. Rand or Mrs. Rowland about your plans in early November (for spring classes) or early May (for summer and/or fall classes).   To apply as a non-degree student, you will need to complete the following forms:  
    • Intent to Take Penn State Class
    • Letter of Recommendation - you will need to have teacher write a letter of recommendation for you.
    • Undergradutate Nondegree Enrollment Form
    • Educational Planning Survey
    • LE Contract (for fall and spring classes only)
    • LE OUT transportation form (for fall and spring classes only)


    Once you have completed the forms, we will process the paperwork, obtain your transcript and send it to Penn State Office of Admissions for review.  If you are accepted, the Office of Admissions (PSU) will send you a letter with further instructions.   Learning Enrichment will help to coordinate your high school to work with your college course.  To take a Penn State class during the school day, you must be approved for LE OUT (students are required to remain full time [1 PSU semester class is the same as a .5 class at the high school] and have A's and B's).
    • Learning Enrichment cannot schedule your Penn State classes, that has to be done through communication with Penn State directly.
    •  Students are responsible for the costs of their Penn State classes.  If a student's parent has worked for the university for more than a year, the Penn State tutition discount will apply for non-degree classes.
    • Penn State classes will not be placed on a State High transcript, nor do they count toward a student's HS GPA or credit requirements.  
    • Penn State Course Schedule 
    • Students under the age of 18, can only register for certain courses, due to the PA child abuse mandates.  Information from Penn State about dual enrollment regulations and to review a list of classes under 18 students are allowed to take can be found here
Last Modified on November 1, 2021