• Student Charge Policy and Procedure
    The cashier notifies the student when the balance account is below five dollars.
    Two meals can be charged to the student's cafeteria account.
    The first charge the cashier informs the student to notify parent/guardian.
    The second charge the student phones the parent/guardian as a reminder to bring money the following school day.
    PTSO helps us fund an account to loan money to Student that have the account charged to the maximum. The supervisor will e-mail or phone the parent/guardian/
    The loan is paid back if or when possible by the student borrowing the money.
    Only meals may  be charged. No a-la-cart items  may be charged to the account or used with borrowed money.
    Any question or concern about the cafeteria account please notify Mrs Meckley by phone between seven thirty a.m. and 1 p.m. at 231-1094 or by
    e-,mail,      clg19@scasd.org

Last Modified on September 10, 2015