• This year in Band everyone will need:


    Tradition of Excellence book for their instrument and level (Blue or Green if you've finished blue)

    3 ring binder (1" or 1.5") Please bring back your binder from year to year--this is our textbook! Do not throw away the resources!

    Page protectors (optional but recommended)


    Instrument and needed accessories (reeds, lubricants, cleaning kit, etc.)



    Reed players will need to bring:

    2 NEW reeds in the package, marked with your name in Sharpie. I will keep them at school as a back up for you if you run out or forget your reeds.)

    Box of reeds for daily use. Recommended: Strength: 2.5 (or above if private teacher recommends.) Vandoren blue box, Vandoren V12, Vandoren 56 Rue LePic, Vandoren 21. Vandoren Jazz reeds ONLY FOR JAZZ BAND. (Do not use in Concert Band.) 

    NOT recommended: Vandoren Juno (white/red). These are beginner reeds and do not meet our needs. 

    NOT recommended: see me regarding other brands. Being a reed player, I am particular, and you get what you pay for. Cheaper reeds will wear out faster, sound buzzy, and play out of tune. 


    Reed players need: reed holder that holds at least 4 reeds.

    Woodwind players need: cleaning cloth/swab.

    Brass players need: cleaning kit, valve oil, slide grease. 


    Percussion players will need: 

    Snare sticks with your name on them (sharpie)

    Highly Recommended: (start your collection)


    personal stick bag (small/medium size) (usually about $15-25)

    yarn mallets for xylo/vibes/marimba/cymbal

    general timpani mallets

    bell mallets (hard plastic)

    brushes if set player

    Here's an example of a good starter set, however you can start buying pieces separately and assemble it as you can. 

    Percussion players will NOT be bringing their snare drums to 7th and 8th grade band. At this level, they will learn to play all the instruments including Xylophone, Marimba, Vibraphone, Chimes, Bells, Timpani, Bass drum, Tom toms, etc. We need the room for all these instruments, and they may use school snare drums at school. 

Last Modified on August 17, 2023