Heirloom Bean Seeds
  • As part of the garden curriculum at Radio Park, students will experience the complete lifecycle of plants, from seed, to sprout, to plant, to fruit, and back to seed again. For our plants, we use almost entirely heirloom seeds, we tend to be genetically stable generation to generation. we also like to use heirlooms to keep demand for seed strains outside of the commercial money-makers. These heirlooms are sometimes less productive than modern hybrids, but are often more flavorful, and certainly fun to try. The kindergarten got to see Strawberry Popcorn and Japanese Striped Corn planted as part of the Three Sisters garden, enjoyed popcorn in the fall, and then got to harvest ruby-red dried kernals from the corncob and watch them grow.

    If there is something you found interesting in the Radio Park Garden, or heard your child describe, and you wanted to get some seem, please let us know, and we will let you know what we've saved that you might be able to try at home. And maybe have for generations as your own family heirloom!

Last Modified on October 22, 2014