• This site contains Frequently Asked Questions regarding the one to one device implementation at the high school. After the parent meetings we will open up the ability to submit questions if you have any unanswered.
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    What if a student's device isn't working? Each building will operate a support depot for students. Students should report to the depot for help. In the North building the depot is located in room 034. In the South building in room 200.
    What is the depot? The depot is a student support center for one to one located in each building. The depot will be staffed by a paraprofessional. Students can go to the depot when they experience technical issues with their assigned device. The depot will be open 7:45-3:30 each student school day. North depot will be housed in 034. South depot will be housed in 200.
    What if a student would prefer to use personal device? Parents can opt for a student to use their personal device instead of the District-issued device as long as it meets minimum specifications as outlined in the SCASD 1:1 Handbook.
    Will parents have to sign paper or can they sign digitally? Parent/Guardian and student must sign for the device.
    What if a student damages or loses their device? Students will be subject to the three strikes rule as outlined in the 1:1 Handbook. After three strikes the student will be required to leave his/her assigned device at school.
    Will internet be filtered outside of school? Yes. Students will be subject to the same filter as when in school. Although internet is filtered, parents/guardians are encourage to monitor student internet use.
    What if student comes to class with device not charged? Each student will be issued a charger along with his/her device and is expected to come to school with the device fully charged. The classroom teacher will be responsible for determining consequences of students coming unprepared to class.
    What if I have a mixed class of laptops and Chromebooks? Teachers and students should be using cloud based tools which are available on both ChromeBooks and laptops. The laptops will only contain a web browser to provide comparable resources for all students.
    What will students do with device during lunch and/or phys ed? Students can drop their devices at a depot for storage and charging during lunch and/or phys ed periods. Students may also lock their devices in their lockers.
    How will restrictions be managed - for example students who are not allowed to take home? Students who are not allowed to take their devices home will report to the appropriate depot - Chromebooks to South, laptops to North - can check their devices in at the end of the day. In the morning students will pick up the device at the same location.
    What if a parent does not sign an agreement? If parents don't agree to the terms the student will have a device to use while in school which will need to be picked up each morning and returned at the end of the day. Ninth and tenth grade students will return devices to South depot and 11th and 12th grade students will return devices to North depot. The paras will have a list of who should be returning devices and will follow up with discipline referrals for devices which are not returned at the end of the day.
    Will there still be laptop carts available for things that can't be done on CBs - specialized software, testing, etc. Yes.
    What if students stumble upon an inappropriate web site that is not blocked by our internet filter? On the District's Social Media Toolkit web site there is a link providing a form to which users can submit a site that should be blocked by the filter.

    Social Media Toolkit

    What if there is a web site that I would like my students to use but it is blocked by our internet filter? On the District's Social Media Toolkit web site there is a link providing a form to which users can submit a site that they would like to have unblocked by the internet filter.

    Social Media Toolkit

    Can a student or parent/guardian change their minds regarding take home or leave at school? Yes. If a change in terms is desired a student can go to the depot to initiate the change and the administration will contact the parent/guardian to complete the process.
    If a student has a personal device registered for use on the SCASD network can they still receive a district-owned device? Yes. You can choose to use either your personal device or your district-owned device depending on which is more suitable for the work you are attempting.
    If I am issued a laptop, can I install software on the laptop? No. You will not be an administrator of your laptop so you will not be able to solve software. If software which is not on your laptop is needed to complete school work your teacher will arrange for use of other devices containing that software.
    If a student has a take-home device can s/he leave it at the depot instead of taking it home? Yes. The device can be left at the depot and picked up the next morning. Be sure to check in with the depot staff to make those arrangements.
    How will I complete work for technology-rich classes which require software not available on my device? Computers will continue to be provided for technology-rich courses such as Computer Drafting, Journalism, Digital Photography, Digital Video, etc.
    If I did not sign a technology loan agreement form where can I get one? You'll find a link to the form on the High School website under Our School > One to One Technology.
    If a student provides their own device, what device types are acceptable? The student provided device must be a Chromebook or laptop.
    How do I register my own device? Personal devices are registered through Home Access Center and it is required for both student and parent/guardian to log in to HAC for approval. Directions can be found here.

    Registering Student Internet Devices on SCASD network.

Last Modified on December 24, 2014