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    Drugs and Alcohol
    Any kind of substance abuse at an early age is concerning. The younger a child is when they begin using drugs or alcohol the more likely they are to develop a life long addiction. Now is the time to begin talking to your child about drugs and alcohol.
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    Past Straight Talk Recordings on Drugs and Alcohol

    Straight Talk: Drugs & Alcohol: What's Out There? October 17, 2017

    Straight Talk: Drugs & Alcohol: What's Out There? October 18, 2016

    Straight Talk: Drugs & Alcohol: October 2015:


    pills Current Drug Trends in Our Community - What's Out There 

    Presenters:  Alison Turley, Youth Service Bureau Prevention Program Specialist. and School Resource Officers Terry Stec and Robert Keen
    Session focused on current drug trends in Centre County, signs to look for if you have concerns that your child might be using drugs and/or alcohol, and identification of drugs and their packaging, plus questions and discussion with the presenters.  Recorded October 15, 2013.
                      Link to Powerpoint Presentation


    Presented by Denise McCann and Officer Adam Salyards 

    Parents and caregivers of teenagers need to have the most up-to-date information about drugs and alcohol use in the community. Join us for an information session

    including a drug and alcohol overview, local drug trends, red flags for youth drug use, and tips for parents regarding how to talk to kids about drugs and alcohol.

    This program will:

    1. Make you aware of the drug and alcohol trends in Centre County

    2. Teach you how to recognize warning signs

    3. Give you tips of how to talk to your kids about drugs and alcohol

    The Straight Talk seminars are made possible by the Straight Talk Task Force, including members from:
    The Jana Marie Foundation, Youth Service Bureau, Communities That Care Partnership, and the State College Area School District administration, faculty and staff. 
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