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    Stress and Mindfulness 
    Stress occurs when you feel overwhelmed beyond our ability to cope with a situation you perceive as harmful or threatening.  These Straight Talk recordings by Dr. Peter Montminy will give you hints to managing your child's (and your own) stress in a crazy-busy world and will teach you about the concept of Mindfulness. 
    Additional resources can be found online at Schlow Library. 
    Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Mindful Compassion for Kids and Their Caregivers                                                      Dr. Peter Montminy
    Dr. Montminy shared tips on self-care and on getting below the surface of emotions in our relationships with our kids to allow us to have our best, most compassionate realtionships.

    The Gift of Presence: Helping Your Teen Mindfully Manage Stress in a Crazy-Busy World                
    Dr. Peter Montminy

    Dr. Montminy gave information about the effects of stress on the brain and how that impacts actions and relationships. He focused particularly on teen brain development and behaviors, and how the mindful presence of parents can make a positive difference. He also shared some Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction strategies that increase attention skills, decrease anxiety and depression, and promote more compassionate, cooperative relationships. Recorded September 17, 2013.


    Mindfulness - What It Is, Why It Matters, and

    How You Can Harness It for Family Harmony and Happiness

    Dr. Peter Montminy 

    In this follow-up talk to the popular program on "The Gift of Presence" that Dr. Montminy gave this past fall, you'll learn practical ways that you can bring a mindful presence to your personal life, your parenting style, and your children's own strategies for self-control.  No power-point presentation, just straight talk this time - filled with practical parenting tips on how to mindfully manage your time, stress, and kids today. Recorded March 18, 2014.



    Presented by Dr. Peter Montminy

    Our children’s well-being is at stake.  Their lives have gotten too complicated.  Too stressful.  Kids face mounting home, school, and peer pressures that literally never turn off in our 24/7 digitally connected world.  Underneath a surface of bubbling activity, many kids – as well as parents and teachers – feel anxious, frustrated, isolated, and just plain exhausted. How do you and your kids deal with that debilitating sense of overwhelm? 

    Based on the latest findings in neuroscience and positive psychology, this program will show you practical everyday ways to transform your relationship with stress – and life. You’ll learn simple, mindfulness-based skills that serve as the gateway to emotional resilience and well-being. “You can’t stop the waves of stress, but you can learn to surf them!” Come learn how.  

    The Straight Talk series is made possible by the Straight Talk Task Force, including members of:
    The Jana Marie Foundation, Youth Service Bureau, Communities That Care Partnership, and the State College Area School District administration, faculty and staff. 
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