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    Tips for Talking With Your Teens About Healthy Relationships 
    Presenter: Amelia McGinnis, MSW, LCSW, Outpatient and Neurofeedback Therapist, Individual and Family Choices Program
    We discussed how we, as parents, convey our values and beliefs about relationships in a way that our children can hear us and the importance of clarifying our values. Recorded on November 19, 2013.


    Presented by Deborah McCoy


    Effectively addressing bullying is a challenge for anyone, but successfully tackling how school-aged girls bully one another is particularly difficult.  The relational aggression that girls engage in includes spreading rumors, exclusionary tactics, manipulating friendships and relationships, and oftentimes takes place in a network of friends.  Further complicating the issue is the social media and digital speech of our girls, many of whom have mastered cyber-bullying as the “weapon of choice” in their aggressive behavior against others. This type of bullying is now no longer unique to girls – boys have begun to use the techniques involved in relational aggression in their bullying behaviors.  This presentation will discuss the issue of relational aggression and how adults can recognize and address this type of bullying and harassment.

      This presentation will discuss:

    1. The issue of relational aggression

    2. How adults can recognize this type of behavior

    3. How to address this type of bullying and harassment


    Straight Talk seminars are made possible by the Straight Talk Task Force, including members from:
    Jana Marie Foundation, Youth Service Bureau, Communities that Care Partnership and State College Area School District administration, faculty and staff.
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