• Music Enrichment or Advanced Opportunity 

    1. Composing with Noteflight - video tutorial- Shortcut video- Compose a song on your own, choosing what instrument you would like to play. Share your composition with your class or make a video and share with your teacher. If you would like to add lyrics, please do. 

    2. Research a music topic of your choice. Add video links to support your claims and share your topic as if the person reading it knows nothing about it. Find out the Who, What, When, How and Why of your topic. Share with your teacher to replace another project in class. 

    3. Complete the theory book 2 at your own pace and take the exam. Once you complete, try the advanced links to learn about key signatures, chords, and intervals. 

    4. Beginning theory quiz click on quiz and start. See what you know? 

    5. Specifically, treble clef quiz click on Bass clef to try this one? 

    6. This website encompasses all theory and the technical aspects of music along with rhythm reading and how to count complex rhythms. You could pick a topic and go as far as you like? Watch the video on the topic and work through the lessons.  Sound trap - Watch this tutorial first. This program is an online source for you to compose using sounds. Similar to Garageband.  Tutorial  (Billie Eilish)

    7. Complete either the Time Travel or Compare and Contrast activities found herefrom the Medieval Period.
    8. Complete either the Time Travel or Compare and Contrast activities found herefrom the Renaissance Period.
    9. Compose a song to share with your classmates. Use whatever instrument you feel comfortable with or automated music. Write your own lyrics. 
    10. Talk with me about an idea or musical topic you are interested in and attend a music help/enrichment day to further your knowledge. Let's learn together!


Last Modified on March 12, 2023