• Community Service

    In the State College Area School District, students are recommended to complete community service.  Although it is no longer a graduation requirement, in our school and community, we value and encourage service to others. It is very possible that you have been involved in doing community service for years. Community service is also a valuable component for postsecondary planning purposes, i.e. college applications, workforce opportunities, and study abroad.  

    You may be looking for ideas on how to serve the community. If so, you can find community service opportunities HERE.
    Additional opportunities can be found HERE. These lists are just resources. You are not limited to volunteering strictly with these organizations. 
    In Synergy, community service hours are called "Service Learning Hours".  These can be found on the student's transcript.  Unofficial transcripts can be viewed or printed by visiting the "Course History" tab on StudentVue.  

    Community Service Guidelines 

    Please click to use this Community Service Form.  Forms can be turned in to  the counseling office.

    Community service must meet the following guidelines:
    • You may not be paid for your service.
    • The service must benefit the "larger community" and may not be a direct benefit to the individual student, the student’s immediate family, team, group, etc. for whom the community service is being provided.  For example: a student can't submit  unpaid hours of work in a family business as community service.  A student can't submit hours worked in a concession stand if the concession profits are going to a team of which the student is a member.
    • Parent signatures as supervisor will NOT be accepted.
    • Student signatures as supervisor will NOT be accepted.
    • Extended family signatures will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
    • This activity must promote positive change or benefit in a wider community, ie. the benefit may not just be to the student themselves (like job “shadowing” for a class assignment)
    • Curricular areas will not count for community service unless agreed upon in advance.
    • Membership in a club, group, or community organization does NOT, in and of itself, count as community service. Only hours spent in direct service to a wider community may be counted.  (For example, hours spent as a team manager will not count toward community service hours. Only the hours delivering the community service will count.  Rehearsal, practice or prep time for that community service event will not necessarily count.)
    • Community Service is subject to approval by the State High Community Service team.
    • If you are unsure your hours will count, please contact your counselor before participating in an event to earn community service hours.
    • The community service evaluation form must be completely filled out by the student and be signed by the supervisor.

    Active Community Service Opportunities

    • Geisinger 65 - More Info - Apply by emailing Susan Fairo at sfairo@thehealthplan.com
Last Modified on March 23, 2023