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    April 19, 2016: Body Image: Dying to be Thin
    Presenter: Melanie Lynch, M.Ed
    As an educator of high school students for twenty years, Melanie has seen the devastating effects that poor body image and eating disorders can have on a student’s academic success, social life, physical health and overall mental health
    This presentation will share information on how the media is perpetuating eating issues and body dissatisfaction among our youth and how we as a community can help our youth maintain a healthy body image in a looks-obsessed society.

    Learners will:
    1. Define body image and explore how the media is shaping our youth’s body image
    2. Identify strategies that help children and teens develop healthy body image
    Please take a look at the C-Net recording of this Straight Talk session. 
    Additional resources can be found online at Schlow Library.
    Straight Talk seminars are made possible by the Straight Talk Task Force, including members from:
    Jana Marie Foundation, Youth Service Bureau, Communities that Care Partnership and State College Area School District administration, faculty and staff.
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