• The purpose of the committee for Facilities and Grounds is as follows:

    A. The committee should address facilities strategic planning and implementation,
          including but not limited to the following:
    a. Identify need to update district-wide facility master planning (scope)
    b. Identify priorities within a district-wide facility master plan (sequence)
    c. Identifying needs for studies related to capacity or resources for further
        facilities (e.g., demographic, regional growth, capacity, attendance area,
        educational specifications, transportation, and capital finance)
    d. Review the district’s capital finance plan in alignment with facility master
    e. Identifying needs for educational model analysis that might have facility
        impacts (e.g., Pre–K, elementary, intermediate, middle, junior, senior, and adult
    f. Evaluate needs for non-educational district facilities (e.g., administrative,
        transportation, athletic)
    g. Identify opportunities for facility and land acquisition that are in the
        District’s best interest
    h. Monitor local, county, state and national trends that might influence district
        facility plans
    B. The committee should monitor program conformance of ongoing projects and
         identify deviations from:
    a. Education specification
    b. Program scope
    c. Cost
    C. The committee should help develop or revise district policy related to facilities
         and grounds including but not limited to the following:
    a. Facility use
    b. Facility charges
    c. Naming rights
    d. Development opportunities
    D. When necessary, the committee should facilitate coordination of functions with
         existing CAC’s and other Board committees.
    This committee meets on a monthly basis with adjustments in frequency based on the Board’s direction.
    Committee Members
    Lori Bedell
    Gretchen Brandt
    Amber Concepcion
    Scott Fozard

Agendas and Meeting Notes

Last Modified on February 5, 2020