CLASS OF 2021
    In cooperation with many local sponsors, the State College Area School District is proud to present these senior scholarships and awards.  We hope that you will apply to those scholarships and awards that are appropriate for you.  Please know, IF YOU INTENTIONALLY ENTER FALSE INFORMATION, YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM ALL SCHOLARSHIPS/AWARDS.
    If you would like to view ALL of our local senior scholarships and awards, please click Senior Scholarship Book 2021 for a PDF copy.
    The final date to apply for these scholarships/awards is Tuesday, April 6, 2021 unless otherwise stated.
    Part I Scholarships & Awards:
    Students may access the links below to apply for these scholarships/awards.  The "common application" questions will determine which scholarships you qualify for and will link you to the specific application questions for those scholarships/awards only.  You will not be linked to scholarships where you do not meet the qualifications.  Please provide all of the information requested for each scholarship/award in order to be given maximum consideration for any scholarship/award.
    Please note the following:
    *All dollar amounts are approximate
    *EARLY GRADUATES are NOT eligible for Part I scholarships
    *HOME SCHOOL and PTNR Students are NOT eligible for Part I scholarships
    STEP 1: PLEASE READ!!!  The Centre Foundation Online Scholarships/Awards Application Instructions can be found below: 
    STEP 2: To START and create your account, go to the Centre Foundation Welcome Sign-Up Page, please click below:
    Clare Fund Arts - photograph your 5 pieces and put them on your google drive and share with Danielle Crowe (dlc13@scasd.org)
    Clare Fund Performance - share your video with Jill Campbell (jkc11@scasd.org)
    Part II Scholarships & Awards:
    These scholarship/award recipients are selected by local organizations, school department leaders and/or private individuals/families.  These scholarships may require a separate application process (from Part I awards) and separate paper applications (S).  Please look over the following awards and if you meet the qualifications. Completed paper applications should be emailed, scanned or shared with Kathy Dodson kud11@scasd.org in the Counseling Office by April 6, 2021. Exceptions: Alpha Fire Award and the Sweat 4 Vets are due April 1st.
    Please note the following:
    * All dollar amounts are approximate
    *The scholarships/awards in Part II are open to ALL State High graduating senior students who meet the eligibility requirements.
    THE FOLLOWING SCHOLARSHIPS REQUIRE A SEPARATE APPLICATION - please check deadlines which may differ from other scholarships. PLEASE RETURN COMPLETED APPLICATIONS (email, scan or share) to Kathy Dodson kud11@scasd.org BY THEIR DEADLINE. Exceptions: Alpha Fire Award & Sweat 4 Vets Scholarship are due April 1st.
     1.  ALPHA FIRE COMPANY AWARD(S) - print application
    Made possible by the Musser Memorial Fund and the Martha Ross Memorial Fund
    1.  Graduating State High Senior
    2.  Identification of plans to attend a post-secondary institution
    3.  A child or step-child of an ACTIVE or LIFE Member of the Alpha Fire Company
    4.  Applications due to Alpha Fire Company by April 1st
    AMOUNT:  $1,500.00 each (to as many qualified applicants)
    2.  CENTRE LGBTQA SUPPORT NETWORK AWARD(S) - print application
    Made possible by the Centre LGBTQA Network
    1.  Specific post high school plans or intention to go to college
    2.  Identification of being ACTIVE in the LGBTQA community and interest in helping all people to have equal civil rights
    3.  One page essay outlining personal background, interest in serving LGBTQA community, impact of this service and future vision for LGBTQA community and the use of these award funds.
    4.  Two letters of recommendation focusing on student involvement with the LGBTQA community
    AMOUNT:  $1,000.00
    1.  Graduating State High MALE senior
    2.  Minimum GPA of 3.0
    3.  Will be attending Penn State University in the next Fall semester
    4. 500 word essay (prompt on application)
    AMOUNT:  5 awards - $500.00 each
    4.  STATE COLLEGE ELKS LODGE #1600 GRANT(S) - print application
    1.  Graduating State High senior
    2.  Documentation of class rank in the top 20% (GPA 4.3 or above)
    3.  Demonstration of financial need
    AMOUNT : $1000.00
    5.  STATE COLLEGE LION'S FOUNDATION (S) - print application
    Sponsored by Fred Hoffman and Dr. William Thompson Jr. Leadership Award
    1.  Graduating State High senior
    2.  Admission to a recognized post-secondary institution
    3.  Demonstration of financial need
          4.  Documentation of GPA (Counseling will include transcripts)
    AMOUNT:  3 awards - $1,000.00 each

    6.    SWEAT 4 VETS SCHOLARSHIP (S) - print application

    This is a philanthropy that seeks to support local veterans and their families in ways that the GI Bill does not.


    1. Graduating Senior
    2. Child or sibling of a veteran or currently enlisted in the military yourself (DD214 of military relative required)
    3. Demonstration of financial need preferred
    4. Submission of high school transcript (Counseling will include transcript)
    5. Proof of acceptance in post-secondary institution (copy of acceptance letter is required)
    6. Short essay required
    7. Application due in Counseling Office by April 1st
    AMOUNT: $1,000.00
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