• When will Fall 2020 registration begin?

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    While registration typically begins in the spring, we do not yet have a registration date set for next school year's program. We will continue to update this page as information becomes available.

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  • Is there a parent handbook where I can review policies and procedures?

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    Yes, read it here.  Policies and procedures are subject to change from year to year.

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  • What if I need to change/alter my scheduled day or days I am registered for?

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    2020-21 Cancellation/Schedule Change Request Form is required for all cancellation or change requests. (2020 -21).

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  • What are your inclement weather policies?

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     Our policy states:  

    If there is a two-hour delay, the CEEL Before School Option will open at 9:30 a.m. If there is a three hour delay,  the CEEL Before School Option will open at 10:30 a.m. (This is only for those students registered for the Before School Option.)
    If there is an early dismissal, the After School Program is cancelled.
    If school is cancelled, there is no Before or After School CEEL Program.
    If a scheduled in-service day program needs to be cancelled due to severe weather conditions, an email will be sent by 6 AM to parents of all CEEL students registered for the program and information will be posted at our website: click  here.
    If all after school activities are cancelled, the CEEL Program will be held; however, parents may be notified that the program will close early to ensure the safety of all students and staff.

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  • What is your cancellation policy?

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    Your deposit is non-refundable.  

    You must complete a cancellation/change of schedule forfor all cancellations or change requests.

    An administrative fee of $25 will be charged for all cancellations and change of schedule requests.

    There will be no reduction in fees if your child does not attend the program for any reason (ie - due to illness, weather-related cancellations, behavior, intramurals, etc).

    Cancellations or schedule changes must be made by the 15th of the month or you will be charged the following month's payment.

    No refunds will be issued for unused days for which you have already paid. (ie - if you cancel effective the 10th of the month, you will not receive a refund for the balance of unused time for that month).  Your child would be welcome to attend for any of the days for which you have paid.

    If you fail to put your invoice on a payment plan, you will be charged the entire invoice amount. There will be a charge of 5% on any refund required should you inadvertently pay more than you intend, not to exceed $100.

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  • What are the program details for the before school option?

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    Currently, the before school option is offered from 7:30 a.m. to 7:55 a.m. each school day.  The rate is $45 per month.  The program is staffed by the Site Supevisor.  During the before school option, students play quiet games or participate in light physical activity.  Enrichment activities are not offered in the before school option.

    Beginning 2019-20, programs will be cancelled should enrollment minimums not be met. Parents will be notified in mid-July if their school's program is not going to run.

    As of July 2019, morning programs are only running at Grays Woods, Mount Nittany, Park Forest, and Spring Creek. The Morning Programs at Corl Street, Easterly Parkway, Ferguson Township, and Radio Park are cancelled for the 2019-20 school year.


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  • Am I able to pay for my CEEL fees using my employer-issued dependent care account?

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    Payment is made online using a Visa or MasterCard.  Some employer-issued cards have a Visa or MasterCard logo, but do not operate in the same way as a traditional credit card and do not function in our system.  While many families use their dependent care accounts to cover CEEL expenses, some families must pay out of pocket first and submit reimbursement forms to their employer.  Documentation is available from our online system which satisfies most employer requirements for reimbursement.  If additional documentation is required, we are happy to work with you to obtain that. 


    We have found that some cards will work after pre-authorization from the company that administers the dependent care account.  Call the 800 number on the back of your card to determine if they will allow SCASD Community Education charges for CEEL.

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  • Are any discounts available?

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    Sibling Discount - Families with 2 or more children registering for the Full-time afterschool program will receive a 25% discount on the second and subsequent children.

    Kindergarten Discount - Students who will be in kindergarten in the fall and enroll in the Full-time afterschool program are eligible to receive a $50/month discount.

    Employee Discount - SCASD benefits-eligible employees who enroll their children in the Full-time afterschool program qualify for a 25% discount on all enrolled children.

    No additional discounts apply. (Students who receive the Kindergarten scholarship are not eligible to also receive a sibling or employee discount.)

    To qualify, you must submit an application found here. Applications must be submitted by August 19, 2019 in order for discounts to be applied to the first payment. Applications received after that time will be discounted at a prorated amount, as discounts are not retroactive.

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  • Does this program qualify for the State Child Care Subsidy?

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    The CEEL program does not qualify for the Child Care Subsidy program.  

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  • Are scholarships available?

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    Yes, scholarships are available for qualifying families.  Our standard guideline states that students who receive free or reduced lunch qualify for a reduction in the monthly CEEL fee. Families who qualify for free lunch may receive up to a 50% scholarship; families who qualify for reduced lunch may receive up to a 25% scholarship.  However, if you do not qualify for free or reduced lunch but qualify for other forms of assistance (CCIS subsidy, etc), we encourage you to fill out the application below.  Our hope is to keep the doors to our program open and not exclude families based on ability to pay.

    If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please fill out the form. A representative from the CEEL program will be in touch regarding the status of your application.  When the registration period opens, please register for the CEEL program in order to secure your spot.  You will be required to pay the initial registration fee in full at the time of registration.


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  • What is the CEEL Tax ID #?

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    The tax ID # for all Community Education courses is 24-6001247. This number can be found on all receipts and invoices as well.

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  • Where can I find receipt of payments I have made for CEEL?

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    Invoice Receipts for Tax Statements

    You are strongly encouraged to print a copy of each receipt you receive following the automated monthly CEEL payments. 

    If you do not do this, you will need to do the following to print a receipt with all payments listed for the current school year (families who were with us last school year will need to print the receipt from last year, as well):

    • Log in to the registration site: www.scasd.org/CEEL > Register Now
    • Click My Billing Info tab.
    • Click My Invoices tab. Look for the Invoice for the current school year (DATE: will show date you registered; STATUS will show Payment Plan, if you are currently on the payment plan).
    • Click Print.
    • The Tax ID number required by most organizations is located in the upper right-hand corner of the receipt.

    Should your company or tax preparer require a different form of payment verification, email your specific requests to commed-reg@scasd.org at least two weeks prior to the date you need the document.


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  • I still have questions about the CEEL Program, who do I contact?

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    Feel free to contact the Site Supervisor at your child's school:

    Easterly Parkway Elementary School - Thea Park - tdp17@scasd.org

    Ferguson Township Elementary School - Morgan Lang - mrl23@scasd.org

    Grays Woods Elementary School - Antonio Rascon-Gato - axr32@scasd.org

    Houserville/Lemont Elementary School - Rachel Sackett - rjs30@scasd.org

    Mount Nittany Elementary School - Lisa Cocolin-lac27@scasd.org

    Park Forest Elementary School - Lisa Vonada - lxv11@scasd.org 

    Radio Park Elementary School - Patty McKenna - pjm24@scasd.org


    You may also contact the SCASD Community Education office between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. by calling (814) 231-1061 or send an email anytime to commed-reg@scasd.org.


    The Community Education Coordinator, Shannon Messick, can be reached by calling the number above or emailing sem29@scasd.org.

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Last Modified on May 22, 2020