• Welcome to Memorial Field,

    On behalf of the State College Area Football Program and the State College Area School District, we are honored to have you in attendance this evening.  We would like to welcome you to Memorial Field and its storied tradition of excellence as demonstrated by the sacrifice and commitment of the players and coaches who have stepped on this field in the past.  We hope you enjoy this evening and the performances of our marching band, cheerleaders, and our football team.

    We ask that you support and endorse the mission of the State College Football Program, which is to help individuals become citizens of empathy and integrity who will lead, be responsible, and change the world for the good.  Additionally, we hope to promote the recognition of, appreciation for, and respect for the value of uniqueness, which each individual possesses.  Tonight you will see our players play with a positive attitude, relentless effort, and great sportsmanship, as those are controllable factors of success, both on the field and in life. 

    We see the football field as an extension of the classroom and believe valuable life lessons are learned through the competitive nature of sport.  We asked that you positively and publicly support all coaches, players, and officials, for this is a learning opportunity for all involved.  Please understand that in football, just like in life, coaches, players, and officials will make mistakes.  Demonstrate in positive deeds and words, your acknowledgement that the individual who made the mistake is trying their best.  Affirm players when good character, healthy sportsmanship, and team-oriented behavior are displayed, while you are modeling good sportsmanship to all players, coaches, officials, and fans as well.

    The State College Football Program is forever grateful for the continued support and efforts of the past and present players, their families, the Football Booster Club, the faculty, staff, athletics department, administration, the Board of Directors, the fans, and the entire State College community.  We are proud to represent you all under the lights of Memorial Field this Friday night! 


    Matt Lintal
    Head Football Coach
    State College High School
Last Modified on July 1, 2015