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    Steadying the Emotionally Reactive Child
    Location: Mount Nittany Middle School Auditorium
    Presenter: Rachel Love, Ph.D.
    Dealing with children who have strong emotions can be very tricky; it is a delicate dance of validation and redirection. These children have intense emotions that frequently don't match the situation at hand. They are quicker to become upset and harder to soothe. These responses can be overwhelming and sometimes frightening for the caregiver and the child. This straight talk was presented on March 17, 2015.
    Attendees learned:

    1. How to appropriately respond the emotionally reactive child

    2. Ways to be present by recognizing and disengaging their own emotional buttons

    3. How to help your child how to cope with or express their strong emotions 

    Resources from Presentation: 

    A video recording from January 2016: Steadying the Emotionally Reactive Child, Part 2:
    Additional resources can be found online at Schlow Library 


    Presented by Dr. Rachel Love  

    This session will be held from 10am - noon at Mount Nittany Middle School.

    This two hour interactive workshop will help you learn the why’s and how’s of emotions. We will discuss and engage in tried and true strategies to help you and your child identify, tolerate and respond to overwhelming emotions. We will explore the connections between our own emotions and the emotions of those around us.

    Key Take Aways

    ·         Understanding the importance of allowing and accepting emotions

    ·         Exploring tools to use when you feel overwhelmed

    ·         Applying emotional regulation tools to everyday interactions

    Straight Talk seminars are made possible by the Straight Talk Task Force, including members from:
    Jana Marie Foundation, Youth Service Bureau, Communities that Care Partnership and State College Area School District administration, faculty and staff.
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