1. RAZ-Kids is an interactive reading tool for our students to practice reading fluency and comprehension. The students have a log in and a password to get into their reading account. I am able to monitor the students' progress and change their reading level.  Here are steps to access Raz-Kids from home:

    RAZ-kids on a browser:

    1.     Go to http://www.raz-kids.com

    2.    Click "student login" in the upper right corner.

    3.     For Spring Creek students- Enter “ccr14” for teacher user name--

    4.     A list of students should appear

    5.     Your child should click on his/her name and enters the password or click their password icon.

    RAZ-kids on an iPad or Tablet:

    1.     Search “RAZ-kids” in the app store.

    2.     Download the app (it’s free)

    3.     When the app is downloaded it will have a parrot icon and say “Learning A-Z” 

    4.     For Spring Creek students- Enter “ccr14” for teacher user name

    5.     Your child will click on his/her name and start reading (if a password is required, it is their student number or a rabbit icon)!

    The students will have dozens of leveled books to browse.  They have the options of listening to the book, reading the book, and answering questions about the story.  They may also record and listen to themselves read.  Once they have practiced the book several times and are satisfied with the recording, they can “send” it to me so that I can listen to it as well. Raz-kids will ask for permission to allow a microphone to be used.  Be aware that background noise is recorded as well!  

    Although, the children should be able to use the app or web-site independently, I encourage you to explore the books along with them!  If you have any problems, please contact me.  

Last Modified on October 24, 2019