• FAQs: Floor Plan

    Q: Will the Physical Education Commons area have seating/vending? I can imagine this location being popular during after hours use.
    A: There is a seating area at the Physical Education Commons on the 2nd floor, and the Fitness Commons on the 3rd floor. There are currently no vending machines being planned in this area due to space limitations in the Physical Education Commons. The Design Team is currently studying the impact of locating vending machines by reducing the size of adjacent support spaces.
    Q: Are there sufficient windows in fitness loft? Are ceiling fans or extra ventilation incorporated? Is there a water refill station?
    A: The Fitness Center Faculty has indicated that the majority of wall space (up to 10’-0”) is required for equipment racks, mirrors etc. Clerestory high windows are being planned above 10’-0” to bring additional daylight into the space.
    Q: How will screens be located for in the Large Group Instruction (LGI) areas at the north side of the building? How will projection function when used as one large room?
    A: When the folding partition is closed, the screens will be located in front of the partition in both LGI’s in front of the seating. When the LGI is being used as one large room, there will be multiple screens located for complete visibility from all of the seats and the central presentation area.
    Q: Where will the lockers be?
    A: Lockers are planned for the main circulation hallway that connects the learning communities.
    Q: Will all classrooms have daylighting? Will the classrooms in the music wing have daylighting?
    A: The plan is to maximize daylighting in all parts of the building. All classrooms will have natural day lighting through windows or solar tubes.
    Q: What is the plan for controlling glare?
    A: The design team will be studying the sun angles for various times of day and seasons of the year and plan glare control accordingly. For example, light shelves (similar to awnings) could be installed on the exterior and/or interior of the building to guide and filter sunlight.
    Q: Is there a formula to determine storage space and classroom space?
    There is no specific formula. Storage space and classroom space have been allocated through collaboration with our educational planner, architects, meetings with faculty, staff and students, and community members. Specifically, the district employed Brainspaces, an educational planner, to work with faculty and staff to assess our needs and develop a program for these needs. The architect then translated the program into its current design.
    Q: Could the auditorium be used as large group instruction classroom?
    A: The auditorium main floor, and also the balcony, could be used for large group instruction. Whether or not it will be is a scheduling issue.
    Q: Will there be wheelchair accessibility to the auditorium?
    A: There will be wheelchair access to both levels of the auditorium and the stage. The entire building will meet ADA standards and be accessible.
    Q: Are there plans for an Art Smart gathering area?
    A: There is a both a gathering area and an office for Art Smart directly behind the auditorium.
    Q: Looks like Art Smart has a kitchenette? Which areas of the building have kitchenettes?
    A: Kitchenettes are located in each pod, adjacent to the open classrooms in the Learning Communities.
    Q: Since the gymnasium and natatorium will still be used, is there any plan to update the bathrooms, concession stand area, water fountains and other areas around the lobby? The bathrooms in particular need updating. The sinks are not working properly and everything is very out of date. I hope this has been considered.
    A: We are updating some aspects of the gymnasium and natatorium area. As with any project, balancing the budget is a concern. Exactly which items will be updated will be finalized during the remainder of the process.
    Q: What common areas will Delta middle school students share with high school students?
    A: The Delta Program (grades 5-8, 9-12) will continue to share space just as we do now. The middle of the building will be used as a shared space for all school meetings and presentations. We will also be sharing the Art classroom, gymnasium, and area outside the cafeteria. The 9-12 program will continue to have "open campus" and not need to be in a dedicated room when they do not have a scheduled class. The 5-8 program has a structure in which they have a location in their schedule to be at all times of the day. As a result, we believe that the 9-12 program students will use the common space much more that the 5-8 students. We are sensitive to the balance of keeping the two programs in separate spaces at the same time we want to build a community throughout the building. This has been a key component of the design, but will also be managed with the day to day schedule and operations.
Last Modified on July 17, 2015