• FAQs: Delta Program

    Q: Is there an FCS lab for mid-level Delta? This appears to be the case. Is it also a fully functional science lab room?
    A: Both Science Labs D138 & D217 are fully functioning science labs. While the middle school science lab is not a Family Consumer Science lab, Kitchenette D131 has been modified to allow for small groups for Family Consumer-type instruction.
    Q: What common areas will Delta middle school students share with high school students?
    A: The Delta Program (grades 5-8, 9-12) will continue to share space just as we do now. The middle of the building will be used as a shared space for all school meetings and presentations. We will also be sharing the Art classroom, gymnasium, and area outside the cafeteria. The 9-12 program will continue to have "open campus" and not need to be in a dedicated room when they do not have a scheduled class. The 5-8 program has a structure in which they have a location in their schedule to be at all times of the day. As a result, we believe that the 9-12 program students will use the common space much more that the 5-8 students. We are sensitive to the balance of keeping the two programs in separate spaces at the same time we want to build a community throughout the building. This has been a key component of the design, but will also be managed with the day to day schedule and operations.
    Q: Does Delta plan allow for future expansion?
    A: The current plan would allow for some modest growth to the current program; however, at this point there is no plan for a significant expansion. 
Last Modified on July 17, 2015