• FAQs: Parking and Traffic

    Q: How will parking for students, faculty and staff be affected?
    A: As parking and traffic patterns change, will will post diagrams and announcements on the Parking and Traffic web page.
    Q: What safeguards are being put into place to slow traffic around the high school?
    A: As in past years, crossing guards will be employed during the school day to aid in this effort. In addition, flashing warning beacons at the main crosswalk that activate to alert motorists of pedestrian traffic have been installed.

    Q: How will pool parking be affected?
    A: During the summers of 2016 and 2017, most of the pool parking will be accommodated on the north side of Westerly parkway, with an improved crossing that will include flashing warning beacons to warn drivers of pedestrian crossing. During the summer of 2019, parking will transition to the final configuration.
    Q: Will sports fields be affected by construction?
    A: All sports fields will be maintained throughout the project.
Last Modified on December 2, 2015