Level II Certification


    1. Applicant must have completed 24 credits above their bachelor’s degree. If you were hired with a Master’s Degree, you do not have to do any more credit hours. Six of the 24 credits must be associated with your area(s) of certification and/or must be designed to improve professional practice.

    2. Applicant must have three years of satisfactory service, which means six evaluations over the course of three years. Applicant MUST have everything done before the end of year six of teaching or applicant will no longer be able to teach.

    3. Applicant must have completed the district induction program.

    4. Applicant MUST keep a notebook with lesson plans, student work and other proof of meeting the expectations in each domain. See the sheets (427A sheets and our portfolio binder received as a part of induction) that give you ideas of what goes with each domain.

    5. Applicant MUST keep a record of the materials and other proof on the 427A sheets for each domain. Dates and/or titles of documents should be all inclusive over the 3 to 6 year time frame.

    6. When an applicant is ready to move forward with their Level II certification, they MUST go online at PDE to pay for their certificate and fill out the paperwork that PDE asks.

    7. Print out the cover sheet with the barcode and use that sheet when you mail PDE directly (they do not go to HR) your official (sealed) transcript(s) proving that you either earned 24 credit hours above your bachelor’s or have a master degree. PDE provides the address on the website of where to mail your transcripts.

    8. Applicant must make an appointment with his/her director/principal and bring the artifacts notebook and completed 427A sheets with them to walk the director/principal through what they have done.

    9. The director/principal will complete their 427 form and meet with the applicant to discuss and sign. The applicant must supply their social security number for the form.

    10. The director/principal will send the 427 form with the 427A domain forms to HR to alert HR to complete the last form online to verify employment and at least 6 satisfactory evaluations.

    11. Human Relations will do the 338P form online once they receive the 427 form that your director/principal completes. Even though PDE allows you to print this, HR can only do it online.

    12.  The superintendent will sign the 427 form. Once all is complete, the Applicant will hear from PDE when they have finalized their part. The Applicant can then print off their Level II certification from PDE website. Applicant MUST send a copy of their Level II Certification to the Human Relations office.