• All About Mrs. Kamin

       I received my BS in Education from Penn State in 1982 after completing my student teaching in Durham, England in a kindergarten classroom. After graduation, I worked as a Human Resource Director for Dante's Restaurants, Inc. and then with Electronic Data Systems in Washington, D.C. Always knowing I wanted to teach children, I returned to State College where I began teaching kindergarten in the Bald Eagle School District. After a year and half, I was hired as a kindergarten teacher at Ferguson Township Elementary School. Although I loved working with five and six year old students, after six years, I joined the Intermediate Division where I taught third grade for the next five years. Lastly, I moved to fourth grade where I have currently been teaching with the exception of the three years when I left the classroom to be a Professional Development Associate(PDA). As a PDA, I had the opportunity to work in all of the Elementary and Middle schools in the district as a supervisor of interns and a co-facilitator of the PDS Program. Upon my return to Ferguson in 2010, I have been enjoying my time teaching fourth grade once again!
Last Modified on August 19, 2013