For any State High student planning to work in a Penn State University Park Science Laboratory:
    In order to best support you in taking the next steps to working in a Penn State laboratory, it is important that you first read, understand, and fill out your portions of the following documentation. 



    ·      Complete and return THIS FORM to LE teacher in room 133N

    ·      Penn State Lab Safety Forms: return with your portions filled out (making sure to include the provided Penn State cover letter) to the faculty member/lab director with whom you have arranged to work.  This is the person who will then remit all copies of the forms to the required Penn State departments.


    To ensure that you are safe and understand the risks of working in any campus laboratory environment, your faculty contact may ask you to complete the laboratory safety training.  To register for this training, you will need to create a Friends of Penn State Account. 


    The Penn State University will additionally safeguard you by ensuring that any faculty member working with you has their child abuse clearances and is in compliance with PA state laws regarding working with minors. 


    All laboratory safety questions can be directed to:

    Kevin Meyers (Penn State Office of Environmental Health and Safety) 814-865-6391

Last Modified on June 10, 2015