IMPORTANT: As with any training program, make sure you have clearance from your physician before beginning. If you already have a training workout, consider trying something new or blending some of the ideas below. Or stick with whatever you're doing, if it works for you.

    This was not designed by a professional trainer. It's a combination of some training tips compiled from various professional resources. They are often used for fitness and soccer conditioning.

    Don't overdo it if you haven't been exercising much recently. Build into these or any workout to avoid injury and sickness.
    Finally, always do a 10 minute warm-up and cool-down to limit soreness and injury. Dynamic stretches and light movement for warm-up, longer static stretching and icing tight muscles groups during cool down.
    Finally again ...there is more to this list than fitness and conditioning! Read through for ideas about how to prepare technically, tactically, and mentally as well. 

    Physical Fitness
    1. Endurance running ... try to get to the point where you can run 2 solid miles in under 20 minutes. Maybe you already can, so keep improving times. Do this 1-2 times per week. Progress to 3 miles in under 30 minutes, or improving on your 3 mile time.
    2. Interval conditioning. Find a track (can be a park loop), street, of field (can be a soccer field). The following can be done around the perimeter of a full size soccer field in running shoes or with cleats. Distances can be adjusted.
    Jog 50 yards
    Run 75 % for 50 yards
    Jog 50 yards, 
    Quick acceleration burst at 100% for 15/20 yards
    Jog 50 yards
    Sprint 100% for 50/60 yards
    Complete 5 cycles, build up to 10
    Do this 1-2 times per week
    3. Resistance/body weight training. These can be combined during workouts. Allow rest days in between workouts to allow muscle recovery.
    - Pushups 2-3 times per week. Do 3 sets to fatigue. Try to build on your max number.
    - Crunches or other abdominal work. 4 - 5 times per week. 4 sets to fatigue.
    - Burpees or mountain climbers 1-2 times per week 3 sets to fatigue.
    - Squats or lunges 1 time per week. 3 sets to fatigue.  
    4. Get days of rest ... your body needs to recover. Stretch and relax at times. Limit your sleepovers and go to bed on time (or what will allow your body to feel rested)
    5. Drink water and eat healthy carbs, fruits/veggies, and protein.
    Technical Training 
    1. Get at least 1000 touches on the ball everyday. This is in addition to any practice, camp, or game. This is individual work, or with a partner. 200 of these should be in the air ...juggling with laces, thighs, head, shoulders.
    Other 800 touches ...rollovers, toe taps on top of ball, quick touches with inside of feet, step-overs and scissors into touch with outside of the foot. Passing one-touch or 2 touch against a wall or with partner. Keep your feet active and play the ball quickly, not just going through the motions.

    2. Learn a new trick on move with the ball! Stall on your laces, catch on your back, the traditional rainbow, something cool to work on. Work one "signature" move that you use to beat a player 1v1 with speed, and one to change direction.

    3. Driving the ball with your laces. Practice this technique for powerful shooting. Point your toe down, lock your ankle, lean into the strike. Get your shooting knee up and over the ball as you drive through the ball. Practice slowly at first to reinforce the technique with your toe, ankle, body stance, and knee. To generate more power, follow through and land on your shooting foot after you strike the ball.
    Tactical Training 
    1. Keep watching and playing soccer! Watch online videos that help with your position ..how to be a dangerous forward or striker, how to be a blazing outside midfielder, how to be a creative ball handler in the central midfield, how to be a shutdown and attacking outside or wing-back defender, how to be a smart and communication leader as a central defender, how to be an active, positioning, and aggressive goalkeeper.
    2. Read about different 11 v 11 systems of play. There are all sorts of systems and variations of these throughout the world. Different schools, clubs, and coaches will use a variety of systems, and you may be asked to play in different roles and positions in your playing career. Remember, systems don't win games, players do. You will hear this over and over again from top coaches in the country and the world. However, you need to be familiar with the expectations and roles within systems in order to contribute and play your best. 

    One system is not superior to another. The system should match the team philosophy, playing styles, and strengths of the players. You may prefer one system over another due to your role, however it may not be the best for your team and for your development. Be flexible and willing to play hard in any system, and apply the attacking and defending principles of play that you may have learned or will learn in middle school. 

    PFMS has played a variety of systems in the past. I'm not sure what we will play this upcoming season. It will depend on our players.
    This fall we will consider the following (the 1 at the beginning is the goalie. Come on, let's be fair to the goalie and include them when we refer to systems of play. They are part of defending and attacking!)

    Learn what you can about these systems (check back later for more information about these systems and the roles in each). Consider where you see yourself playing in these systems. The coaches at PFMS will help you to understand what is required at each position, and help you to discover your strengths and where you will be able to contribute (this will certainly be at more than one position!.) 

      Mental Preparation 

    1. Keep your mind active ...read, do puzzles and thinking games online. Stay sharp in preparation for school and to think during soccer training and matches in the fall.

    2. Stay active ...swim, bike, trampoline, play at the park ..have fun outside while you can this summer.

    3. When you train and workout, focus on what you're doing. Remove distractions. For some of you music helps you focus, for others it may be a distraction. Put your mind and energy into what you're doing. This season we will create an atmosphere where we will train and compete with purpose and intensity. At PFMS this season, we will develop our mental toughness both individually and at the team level. 

    4. Have fun playing and watching soccer with your friends. Enjoy the beauty, team feeling, creativity, and individual nature of the game. Celebrate your opportunities to play and engage in this activity!

Last Modified on July 27, 2017