• SCASD Librarians' Top Tips for Read-Aloud
    • Read as often as you can, but picking a traditional time each day will help start the habit.
    • Pick a read-aloud that you enjoy yourself; listeners always pick up on a reader's enthusiasm for a book or story which makes the entire experience more enjoyable for everyone.
    • Encourage the child to be involved in the reading
      • Ask them to turn pages
      • Ask questions such as, "What do you think is going to happen next?"
      • For the books a child asks to have read repeatedly, pause at a key phrase or word and let your child provide the next word(s).
    • Use plenty of expression when you read.  Try different voices for different characters.
    • Children are never too old for read-alouds.  For reluctant readers, read something they might not be able to read on their own but will engage them on an interest and maturity level that will hold their attention.
    • For more ideas, Jim Trelease is the read-aloud guru:

     Additional Read-Aloud Tips

Last Modified on August 22, 2021