• Dear Families,

             Welcome to 6th Grade Art! I am excited to be working with you and your student this year and would like to share a few details about our curriculum and class expectations. Our classroom website has assignments, art resources, and will have photographs of projects as we complete them. The website is designed to help both parents and students stay up to date with what is happening in art class.

              Below you will find information about what we will be learning, class assignments, homework, extra credit, class expectations, and volunteering. If you have any questions, please email me at nmp20@scasd.org or call me at 814-880-5058. I value your support and encouragement as we work together to provide a positive educational experience for your student.     



    Ms. Nicole Packard

    6th Grade Art Teacher

    Park Forest Middle School


    Why Art?

    Art education is an essential part of education because it enables students to examine themselves and the world through creative and critical lenses. By exploring all areas of the visual art including art making, art history, aesthetics, and critique, students will develop a comprehensive view of art. Students will build not only creative thinking skills but also problem solving and analysis skills. They will be creating works of art that make connections between their own lives and other subjects while conveying meaning of their experiences.


    What We Will Be Learning

    We will be creating projects in 2D, 3D, Printmaking, Clay, and Digital Media this year. The units presented in this class will be based on topics that enable students to research and analyze the world in which they live. They will use technical skills to create works of art that reflect their discoveries.


    Art Lunch

    Art lunch is offered on even days (2, 4, 6) during 6th grade lunch and is a time when students can catch up on late or missing work. We eat lunch and make art.


    Homework/ Sketchbook Assignments

    Students will complete most of their artwork in class but may watch a demonstration video or review a project at home prior to the start of the project. Homework will be assigned for those students who missed a class or are behind on their assignments. Homework assignments can be found on the class website under the “Homework” tab as well as on the Wolves or Mountain Lions Assignment Page.


    Extra Credit

    Every month a Mystery Artist is posted in the classroom and on our class website for students interested in earning extra credit. Each Mystery Artist page can earn you up to 10pts of extra credit for identifying that artist and completing a short questionnaire about the artist, their work, and their life.


    Expectations for Class:

    Be Prepared: Students are expected to report to class on time and with the necessary materials (pencil, sketchbook, assignment book, Chromebook, and completed homework if applicable) and be prepared to work.  If a student is absent, they are responsible for checking in with the teacher to see what they missed and to make up any work.


    Complete Assignments: The majority of projects will be completed during class time. If a student needs additional time to complete work, they will have the opportunity to finish any work for homework or during GROWLS Areas. Students are expected to complete assignments by the due date. Each class after the due date, students will lose points. Please visit the class website for information about class assignments and due dates.


    Required Materials: Students will need the following supplies for art class.


    *9”x12” Spiral Sketch book (or similar size)

    * If you are having difficulty purchasing these materials, please let me know.


    Everyday Expectations:

    1. Treat everyone with respect
    2. Use materials appropriately
    3. Come prepared and ready to make artwork
    4. Follow Directions *Asking questions is strongly encouraged!



    It is always great to have another set of helping hands in the classroom. If you are interested in helping out or sharing your own talent, please email me at nmp20@scasd.org. You will also need to complete the volunteer checklist available on the district website.


    I am looking forward to a wonderful and productive 2019-20 school year!

    Ms. Packard

Last Modified on January 5, 2020