• Grade 3

    Third grade is an exciting year where students begin to take on more ownership of their learning and become more active members of their classroom community.  Throughout the year, they learn to reflect upon who they are as learners and develop more sophisticated opinions and ideas to share respectively with others.  Naturally curious, they question the world around them!  

     Through an inquiry-based approach, where they investigate their wonderings about subjects such as science and social studies, students are eager to make discoveries and share them with an audience.  The sharing takes on a whole new level in third grade!  Students quickly become proficient in keyboarding, writing and sending emails, creating Google documents and presentations.  All of these components allow the children to further develop their communication skills through technology.  Overall third grade is a year of discovery!

    – Mrs. Deana Washell, Third Grade Teacher at Easterly Parkway Elementary School
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Last Modified on August 10, 2018