• Grade 1 Curriculum

    First grade is a year of magical transformation.  First Graders come to school brimming with enthusiasm and are so excited to learn new things, meet new friends, and make new discoveries.  After a year of kindergarten where they have learned what it is like to "be in school" they are now eager to build upon and apply their newly found skills to their daily tasks as their independent work habits begin to develop.  This year is full of tremendous growth academically and emotionally.  These learners have a zest for learning and are eager to show everyone their new accomplishment and skills.  They are eager to discover and try things on their own, but still benefit from consistent encouragement and some scaffolding to help them achieve their goals.  First graders are excited about just about everything and brighten your days with their big smiles, eager curiosity, and enjoyment of the very simple things the world has to offer.  As they are growing and learning academically, they are able to understand and apply what letters and numbers really mean and start to "crack the code” which opens a whole new world of possibilities.  First graders are very social. They enjoy being with others, working together, and celebrating their accomplishments with everyone. From the simple things of losing teeth, to having a countdown to the next special holiday or activity, these young learners keep you focused on the value of relationships, acceptance of others, and importance of never giving up.
    - Mrs. Brenda Hartman, First Grade Teacher at Park Forest Elementary School 
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Last Modified on August 10, 2018