• Kindergarten Science Curriculum

     Life and Health Sciences

    • The human body is made up of many parts.

    • People have many similarities and differences.

    • The human body has five special senses.

    • Caring for yourself is important to good health.

     Light and Sound

    • Eyes are organs which enable us to see.
    • LIght comes from light sources such as the sun, light bulbs, candles, lanterns, and fire.

    • Shadows are made when something blocks the light.

    • Color is a quality of light.

    • Ears are organs which enable us to hear.

    • There are many different kinds of sounds.

    • Sounds are made when objects vibrate.

    • Some sounds are useful to people.


    • There are four seasons in a year.
    • There are changes in weather with each season.

    • Seasonal weather affects how we dress and live.

    • Plant and animal life is different during each season.

    • There are weeks and months in a calendar year.


    • There are many different kinds of animals.
    • All animals have the same basic needs.

    • Animals grow and change.

    • Animals help people in many ways.


    • Plants are living things.
    • There are many kinds of plants.

    • Plants have roots, stems, leaves, and flowers.

    • Many kinds of plants grow from seeds.

    • Plants are useful to people.
     Understandings from our SCASD Science Curriculum Units.
Last Modified on August 5, 2018