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    Posted by VANESSA TOMASKO on 9/2/2019

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    Room 172 Classroom News 

    Dear Families,

    What an exciting first week we've had together! Thank you so much for sending your child to school ready to learn each day! It's been a wonderful week getting to know our classroom, making new friends, and beginning to review our skills together. We have been working hard to build a strong, positive classroom community in which your child feels loved and comfortable taking risks.

    Your children have participated in many community building activities! Each morning, we begin the day with morning meeting. During this time, we greet each other, play games to share our interests and help us learn our classmates' names, and go over our daily schedule. We also began our headline news sharing. During headline news, students "tell share" (rather than show share) something with the class. As we get more comfortable sharing and listening, we will add questions and happy comments from our classmates.

    At Home Practice
    -Please encourage your child to read at least 10-20 minutes, nightly. The only way that we become better readers is by reading! This reading can include reading by yourself, being read to, reading aloud, or reading with a sibling, parent, or friend.

    -Ask your child about our Reader's workshop and any new, good-fit books he or she has discovered and is enjoying!

    -Ask your child about any new friends that he or she has met so far! 

    -You have received information regarding our Healthy Snack Letter and information about snack in our classroom. If your child would like a midmorning brain boost, please remember to send a healthy snack to school, each day. I greatly appreciate your help in providing healthy snacks for the students in our classroom! For those days when a student may be absent or forget the snack, we appreciate volunteers sending in extra, nonperishable snacks that can be kept on hand.

    -Students will be using their chromebooks this week! If you haven't already done so, please send your child's headphones to school, labeled with his or her name. 

    -Thank you for the generous donations to our classroom. If you would like to donate tissues, wipes, or paper towels, please feel free to send the item to school with your chilld. 

    Dismissal Information
    Thank you for providing me with your child's dismissal schedule. It is imperative that you let me know if your child will not be following his or her normal dismissal routine for any reason, so we can ensure a safe trip home.

    If he or she is going home with a friend on another bus, you will need to send a note to school that is signed by you (parent/guardian). Please indicate the bus number and room number of that child. Additionally, please send a note to notify me of any changes that may occur including if your child will be picked up early, is walking home with a friend, is being picked up by another friend or family member, or is attending an after school activity.

    A note in your child's folder is the very best way to share this information with me. Should there be an emergency that causes your dismissal plans to change during the day, you may call the office. Please know that we are busy working with students, and I am not always able to check my email. For this reason, you will need to call the office to be sure we have received your child's dismissal information. 

    One of the activities that we completed in Unit this week included a writing/art project using the book Elmer by David McKee. After reading, students observed that Elmer learned his friends liked him because of his differences and what he added to their community. Students brainstormed and wrote about ways in which they are special and unique. Finally, they completed an art project that you will get to see at Back-to-School Night!

    Students also participated in many activities geared towards building friendships. We also established a list of class values to help us be our best selves this year!

    Reader's Workshop
    This week, we launched our Reading Workshop as we discussed two of the three ways to read a book. We learned that we can read both the pictures and the words in a text. Even if your child is able to read the words, reading the pictures is an excellent tool to support comprehension as he or she reads! We began learning about good-fit books. Students used the 5 finger strategy to book shop for books to keep in their book bins. We also worked to build our reading stamina during our Read to Self time. Our first grade goal is to be able to sustain our reading for 20 minutes during our Reading Workshop. After 5 days of building stamina, students made it to 16 minutes during Read to Self! That's quite an accomplishment for the first week of school! 

    This week, students were introduced to our first unit. By counting and graphing our favorite flavors of twin pops, students practiced counting by 2s. We also practiced reading graphs and making observations about the data. Students used comparison language and solved problems relating to our class data. Laster in the week, students used tally marks and quick images to recognize groups of five and count on!

    Students were also introduced to our work spaces. Each day, students move through their choosing of 6 work spaces that correspond to our unit objectives. 

    Important Dates
    -Tuesday, September 4th: Back to School Night 6:00-7:30pm

    Have a great week!

    Ms. Tomasko 

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