• Be in touch with questions about grades.  I strive to keep grades current and update them frequently.  
    From our syllabus:

    Grades are primarily indicators of student learning and growth.  Therefore, grades are based on experiences that indicate student learning; such products include essays, reflections, presentations, and demonstrations.  Rubrics are provided, as well as ample opportunity to practice skills that will be assessed, in the format that they will be assessed. Not everything will be graded. Any conflicts or concerns that arise that may require extensions or other special consideration must be communicated by the student to the teacher.

    Weighted grading categories: 

    • 80% Summative/Major Writing (final products for each of the three main units)
    • 15% Formative / Minor Writing (daily practice, participation in writing workshop, etc.)
    • 5% Choice Reading & Application (choice novels and/or articles will be used as models of writing technique; this is a daily practice and part of all units)


    Your grade should reflect what you learned and your progress; timely submission of work is expected so that grades accurately reflect understanding.  Penalties are not a part of my grading framework.

    For the most up to date info, access your English class grades via Canvas.  
Last Modified on August 11, 2020