10th-12th Grade Selective Physical Education







    • Students are expected to dress appropriately for EVERY class.
    • Students are expected to be on time and ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE.
    • Students with medical restrictions are expected to dress appropriately for EVERY class and participate in a modified or alternative activity if possible.
    • T-shirts, athletic shorts, sweats, warm-ups and athletic shoes are acceptable for most activities.
    • Sport sandals, hiking boots, street shoes and regular shorts are NOT ACCEPTABLE.  
    • Hats are not permitted inside for any activity.
    • Students will receive a verbal warning if they fail to dress properly for class and will earn no points for that day.  If student fails to dress on a consistent basis, parents/guardians will be contacted.
    • Students are not permitted to bring cell phones to class unless the instructor tells students otherwise (you will lose your device and participation points if you have it on you).
    • Students are encouraged to bring a lock and LOCK UP THEIR VALUABLES.  Lockers are provided in the locker rooms.
    • 10th graders will need a fitness center unit before they graduate
    • If students come unprepared for class they will have two options: either participate if you have sneakers or will be escorted to MRC

    Medical Restrictions

    • Students who are ill or injured shall present a note from a parent or guardian to temporarily limit their participation. This note will be honored up to 1 week (2 to 3 days). Students are expected to make up required activities.
    • Chronic or long-term restrictions require a Physician’s note to exempt a student from participation in required activities. This note shall include; the duration, restricted activities, and suggested activities.
    • Students with modified restrictions are expected to dress appropriately for EVERY class and participate in alternative activity, unless they are restricted from all activity.
    • Students with medical restriction will be assessed for the cognitive portion of the unit.
    • Students must participate in at least 60% of the class periods during EACH quarter and the FULL semester.  If a student falls below the 60% participation threshold due to illness or injury, the student must either:


        • Schedule makeup classes to meet the 60% requirement (Must be discussed with PE teacher.  Only applies to injury or illness situations)
        • If it's a Fall semester course, reschedule to the Spring
        • Retake the course the following school year




    • Students should inform their teachers as anticipated absences such as: athletic events, field trips, vacations, educational trips, college visits, etc.  All work missed in class is to be made up upon return.
    • Students missing class without prior permission (for example: to take a test or attend a meeting) will be considered a class cut



    • Students will receive a grade both marking periods during the semester they are enrolled in the physical education course
    • Student’s grade will be determined by combination of active participation and cognitive assessments
      • 80% Based on Participation
      • 20% Based on Cognitive Assessments


    • Participation Grade 80%
      • Active participation and following instructions
        • Warm-Up (5 Points)
        • Activity Period (5 Points)
      • Appropriate shoes and clothing for activity
      • Consistent effort to improve skill/fitness/knowledge
      • On time for class
      • Treats teacher and classmates with respect


    Note:  In order to receive full credit for participation, all items listed

    above must be present at all times during class.  Failure to meet these expectations will result in the loss of participation points for the day.  


    • Assessment 20%
      • Self, partner, and instructor progress assessment
      • Cognitive written assessment or reflections




Last Modified on August 24, 2016