• Tested for Mastery in Grade 2
    The following Technology Competencies and associated skills are taught in grades K, 1 and 2, and are tested for mastery at the end of grade 2. The classroom teacher teaches the technology skills through lessons in which students learn to use the computer as a communications and productivity tool to do their content area work.

    Software used in the instruction: KidPix Deluxe 3X

    Note: Competencies are indicated by a combination of an upper case letter and a number.

    Skills associated with a competency are indicated by a lower case letter.

    A1...Access the desktop of a computer

    a. log in to the computer, using a username and password, if relevant, or using a generic login name

    A5...Utilize a mouse (point, click, double click and drag)

    a. accurately locate the mouse pointer in an identified location on a monitor, including lifting and replacing on a table top

    b. perform click, double click and drag functions, using a mouse

    G1...Identify and use line and object tools in a paint application

    a. use the appropriate tool to paint lines and shapes

    b. use the appropriate tools to create rectangles and ovals

    G2...Set colors and patterns in a paint application

    a. choose colors from the color palette for use with various tools

    b. use the appropriate tool to fill areas of a picture

    G3...Move and delete selections of a painting

    a. select and move or delete pieces of a picture

    b. use the appropriate tool to remove painting from a picture.

    G4...Add text and icons to a picture in a paint application

    a. use the appropriate tool to add text to a picture

    b. use the appropriate tool to add clip art to a picture

Last Modified on October 2, 2007