• Tested for Mastery in Grade 4
    The following Technology Competencies and associated skills are taught in grades 3 and 4 and are tested for mastery at the end of grade 4. The classroom teacher teaches the technology skills through lessons in which students learn to use the computer as a communications and productivity tool to do their content area work.

    Software used in the instruction:  Microsoft Word

    Note: Competencies are indicated by a combination of an upper case letter and a number.

    Skills associated with a competency are indicated by a lower case letter.

    A6...Navigate in the desktop and menu environment

    a. choose items from menus including hierarchical menus

    b. open/close, move, resize and minimize windows

    c. use scroll bars to view all areas of a window

    d. move between windows, or multiple running applications

    e. open and close files

    A7...Save and delete files

    a. create descriptive file names, and follow file-naming rules

    b. save files to any location on a local drive, removable media or server

    c. save as..to rename and/or relocate a file

    d. delete one or more files using the trash can

    A8...Set page orientation and print

    a. use page setup to set page orientation

    b. print documents from within an application

    A12...Connect to and disconnect from file servers

    a. log-in to a network file server, using a username and password

    b. change user password

    A15...Set fonts, sizes and styles

    a. assign fonts, font sizes and font styles (bold, underline) to existing text or in preparation to enter text

    A16..Spell check

    a. launch and operate the spell check feature

    A18..Copy, cut, paste and undo

    a. select text or objects and perform copy, cut and paste functions

    b. perform an undo of the most recent action

    C3...Align paragraphs

    a. Left, right or center align text in one or multiple paragraphs

Last Modified on October 2, 2007