• Advanced English 9: 
    Prerequisites: A grade of “A” or above in Advanced English 8, advanced scores on standardized and local reading and writing assessments, and the recommendation of the 8th grade English teacher.
    Advanced English 9 is a course that prepares students for the rigorous demands of the advanced and AP programs in grades 10-12. Students are expected to be highly motivated, independent, show strong work habits, participate in class, and possess a love of reading and writing. Students develop their critical thinking skills through analysis and interpretation of literary genres from a variety of historical periods, focusing on their technical and aesthetic qualities as well as their intellectual merits. Student writing will consider literary texts from a variety of perspectives while they concentrate on improving the content of their writing and polishing their writing style. Additionally, students build their reading and writing skills by studying vocabulary and grammar. This course complements Advanced World History 1.
Last Modified on May 3, 2016