• Snacks
     Your child is welcome to bring a snack from home.  
    Please remember that your child's snack should be healthy.  
    We would appreciate donations of pretzels or goldfish to provide as a classroom snack option. We will be having a quick am and pm snack daily.
    You are always invited to come and eat lunch with your child.  
    We arrive at the cafeteria at 11:24-11:54 each day.  
    Please remember to let the office know in the morning if you will be purchasing a lunch.
    Daily Home Folder 
    Your child will bring home the Daily Home Folder each day.  You can put any important notes such as bus passes or lunch money into the folder.  It will be part of your child's morning routine to check this folder for papers from home.  Please encourage your child to check this folder as he/she returns home for any papers from school.  Building this routine will help promote your child's growing independence. 
    If your child has a change to his/her transportation home, please either send a note to school in the morning or email both Mrs. Schrock and Mrs. Neeper.
Last Modified on August 22, 2018