Exploring Engineering
    Course outline for Exploring Engineering:
          1) Safety (tasks 101-108)
          2) Hand tool identification and use (task 2203)
          3) Precision measurement using calipers and micrometers (tasks 2302-2306)
          4) Autodesk Inventor (2012 is the latest version) (tasks 605 and 609)
                      a. Sketching parts
                      b. Producing 3D views
                      c. Creating manufacturing drawings
                      d. Creating assemblies
          5) Product dissection- based on Penn State Manufacturing Engineering activity (tasks 1801, 1804, 1301)
                     a. Disposable camera
                     b. See ‘N Say
                     c. Flashlight
          6) Design challenge- (tasks 901, 903)
                      a. Balsawood bridge
                      b. Solar racecar
                      c. TSA manufacturing challenge
          7) CNC machines- (tasks 1101, 1102)
                      a. ID tag design and manufacture using CNC mill
                      b. Screwdriver design and manufacture using CNC lathe
                      c. Design of a part using the 3D printer
          8) Careers- (tasks 201, 202, 203)
                      a. Tim Morgan- career planning resources 
                            i. High School
                            ii. On-line
                      b. Semester paper on career of student’s choice
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