No Excuse Writing Words
    What are No Excuse Words? Words students are to spell accurately in their daily writing by the end of each grade.  
    his said saw say then they
    but let run us yes big
    eat make out take have came
    same home more not of put
    your I'm into little now three
    if read going jump never there
    where any today very back best
    just think with than that when
    was could from mother should would
    don't away each wait last near
    need next been about down house
    our know school much such two
    who few because high might over
    their under want were family find
    kind ask them things walk what
    everyone everything myself after always soon
    enough great idea often pretty until
    Second Grade Snap Words
    What are Snap Words?  Words students fluently and accurately read independently by the end of each grade.  At minimum, students should have mastered reading at least the words for their grade level by the end of that grade, and students can go beyond their grade level list when they are ready. 
    said they where first friend
    girl when went your eight
    ate sea see bare bear
    eye I here hear to
    too two your you're their
     they're  about  school  with  was
     could  what  very  happen  follow
     different  better  people  trouble  terrible
     answer  special  enough  through  goes
     does  question  slowly  suddenly  probably
     themselves  maybe  really  favorite  several
     together  begin  before  great  either
     excited  while  old  usually  again
     against  being  ready  sometimes  everybody
     understand  somewhere  anyone  everything  nobody
     outside  beautiful  cousin