• Reading is fun!
              Congratulations!  You are the parent of a first grader and you will be AMAZED by all your child learns to do as a reader this year.  I cannot tell you how much I enjoy watching students develop a true love for reading as they grow into successful, independent readers.  I will be teaching reading using a Reader's Workshop model this year.  The first several weeks of school will be spent teaching the basic routines, expectations, and procedures for what a successful reader's workshop looks like, feels like, and sounds like.
               Once our reader's workshop is underway, your child will be reading independently each day.  We will begin reader's workshop each day with a "mini lesson," where I teach the students a strategy to help them become a better reader.  Students will have opporunities to read to self and read with a partner in order to practice these strategies. During this time, I will pull students individually and in small groups to differentiate my reading instruction in order to better meet the needs of each student.  In addition, Mrs. G., my paraprofessional will also pull groups of students during this time for word study practice. The final portion of reader's workshop will be a sharing time for students to discuss and reflect upon what they learned as a reader that day.  
    Book Selection
    Here are two strategies that we use in first grade to help ensure your child selects a "good fit" book.  
                               5 finger rule       I PICK

     For more information about our reading curriculum please click here: First Grade Reading Curriculum

                   In First Grade, your child will be participating in “Writer's Workshop” everyday.  During writer's workshop, your child will become an author and illustrator of many different types of writing.  Some of the types of writing we will focus on this year are narrative, informational, and opinion. My goal is for your child to learn to LOVE to write.  The first several weeks of school will be spent learning the procedures and expectations for what writer's workshop looks like, sounds like, and feels like. 
                  Once we have learned the expectations for writer's workshop, your child will be writing every single day!  During this time, I will begin with a brief mini lesson to teach a strategy or skill and then students work independently to develop their writing through the use of the writing process.  Sometimes students are given the opportunity to work with a partner during writer's workshop.  I will also work with students one-on-one and in small groups to guide the students throughout the writing process.  Writer's workshop will end with a time for students to share and reflect upon what they learned and worked on that day. I am looking forward to working alongside your child as he/she blossoms into an accomplished writer!
     For more information about our writing curriculum please click here: First Grade Writing Curriculum
Last Modified on August 13, 2019