• Welcome to The Incubator!  My name is Laurie Sigel (Mother Hen?) and I am the paraprofessional in this wonderful place known as EGG!  Think of it as a library/study hall where fun is allowed! This is a place to read, study, learn, wonder, and interact.

    I have worked in the district for seven years and have loved being a part of the beginning (hatching?) of Delta Middle Level.  My husband and I have two kids – one is a college student in Ohio and the other is a senior at State High.  We also have one dog and two cats, and our daughter has two rats and two horses!  I grew up in Lexington, KY and am a Kentucky Wildcat fan.  Go Big Blue!  My hobbies include decorating cookies, reading, and knitting. 
    Laurie S.  
Last Modified on October 6, 2015